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When I was eight years old, I was molested by the person I trusted the most; my father. By the time I was twelve he deemed me his sex slave, and at fifteen I became pregnant with my first child for him.

Over the years I bore four children for my father, but after seventeen years of physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse, I liberated myself from the life I knew.

Now an author, activist, media personality and business owner, I can truly testify to the ability of endurance that God has given every human being.

"forgiveness is a remedy that encourages healing by strengthening your spiritual and mental immune system. It can be used to build strength  against that which can harm us.". - Aziza Kibibi

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In 2013, my story caught the attention of renowned journalist and television personality, Katie Couric, who featured me on her daytime talk show Katie! 

 I have been invited to speak at churches, schools, colleges and radio stations where I use my testament to inspire and motivate my audience.

On my path to make a change and support the rights of women and children, I started my organization Precious Little Ladies Inc. As a social progression organization, we seek to combat child molestation and abuse by strengthening the bond between mothers and daughters. In addition, we provide health and beauty products to women escaping domestic violence through our program "Girl we've got you covered." 


What started as therepeutic writing, I decided to publish my memoir Unashamed: a life tainted... 

After realizing that many other women have suffered sexual and physical abuse as children, I decided to be a voice for those that don't feel strong enough to speak for themselves.

Writing is one of my favorite forms of communication, so in addition to my memoir, I have two novels in the works that will entertain while provoking thought and sparking imagination.


Surviving tragedy is not easy, but I like to think that if I can do it, you can do it too. Therefore, I use myself  as an example that we all possess the strength to not only survive anything, but triumph over everything.

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