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Unashamed: a life tainted vol 1 & 2

UNASHAMED: a life tainted... Vol. 1 & 2, 


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Digital version of Unashamed: a life tainted Volume 2

Awakenings By Aziza: Designer Bindis

"Bindi" is derived from the Sanskrit word bindu, meaning a point or a drop. It is an adornment worn on the forehead where the third-eye chakra exists. Wearing a bindi not only adorns your features, it can also help awaken one's spiritual awareness. 

Awakenings by Aziza Designer Bindi's are the epitome of beauty and function. Order yours today.

A portion of the proceeds from all items purchased on 

go towards preventing child molestation and domestic violence. 

Awakenings By Aziza Designer Bindi Gold 1


Tribal Multi Color Bindi, Face Jewel, Chakra Key


Awakenings By Aziza Designer Bindi Heart Drops


Sold Out

Sold Out

Sold Out

Limited edition. Infused with the light and energy of the full moon.

Awakenings By Aziza Desinger Bindis Multi Color Float
Awakenings By Aziza Disigner Bindi Silver Hook
Awakenings By Aziza Designer Bindi Silver Jewel




Limited Edition

Sold Out

Sold Out

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