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Author | Activist
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Multimedia Journalist and Personality 
Mother Survivor

" To me, fear is like that of the wind beneath a bird's wings. I use it to propel myself in conquering my limitations."

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A Positive Change

"Women are the foundation of our society and children are the guardians of our future. We must protect and support them because they represent where we came from and where we are going. If that is destroyed then the present has no purpose."– Aziza Kibibi:

Founder, CEO & Spokesperson 

Precious Little Ladies Inc. 

For resources on surviving and preventing abuse, click the logo below. 

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When I told my daughter we were sisters. Parenting.
I Am Aziza Kibibi

When I told my daughter we were sisters. Parenting.

Incest is complicated enough to talk about with adults. Imagine having to explain it to your preteen daughter who keeps asking who her dad is, and you both have the same father. I've received a lot of questions from from parents about how, when and why I told my children that we are also brothers and sisters. So I'm answering those questions here. Incestuous abuse is a pandemic in our society. In 30% of proven cases of child sexual abuse, the abuser was a biological family member. And in cases where the victim was 6 or younger, 50% of the perpetrators were family. We may never know how many for obvious reasons, but there are people among us who are a result of incestuous abuse. Children born from incest are more likely to have inborn errors, defects and mental challenges. Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell so you can be notified when I post the video talking about the health challenges I've faced with my children. Thanks for watching and be blessed for you are a blessing. GET MY BOOK: UNASHAMED: A LIFE TAINTED… (signed copy) ——————————————————————————— • EXPLORE AND CONNECT • WEBSITE INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK BLOG NONPROFIT EMAIL ——————————————————————————— Credits: Music- Wardrobe: Free People off shoulder sweater. Gear: Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera Kit LED Ring Light 14 Inch #Womensissues #Unashamed1 #familydrama
My reaction to #BLMProtests. What makes now any different?
I Am Aziza Kibibi

My reaction to #BLMProtests. What makes now any different?

Black people have been protesting their oppression since the first black person was dragged onto a slave ship. Millions of people killed, raped, psychological, physically, spiritually and financially abused for over 400 years. And during the entire time, many of us, be it the well knowns like Harriet Tubman and MLK Jr.; to the less popularized (and less successful) like Margaret Garner, have been protesting these injustices. Sure some legal changes were made, but the thinking and behaviors of the oppressors and their descendants stayed the same. So here we are protesting again; this time in the name of #BrionnaTaylor, #GeorgeFloyd, and #AhmudAubrey , begging to be treated like human beings. desperately trying to convince America the #BlackLivesMatter, and well...why should anything change? What makes this time any different? Please share your thoughts in the comments. ——————————————————————————— GET MY BOOK: UNASHAMED: A LIFE TAINTED… (signed copy) ——————————————————————————— • EXPLORE AND CONNECT • WEBSITE INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK BLOG NONPROFIT EMAIL ———————————————————————————
Public Speaker

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Whats new

What's New!

Available in paperback and on Kindle

Unashamed : a life tainted...volumes 1 and 2 is a memoir on the life of Aziza Kibibi growing up with her father, MTV award winning music video director Aswad Ayinde. A tale of life, love and survival of abuse, Unashamed: a life tainted ... touches the heart, intrigues the mind and tests the spirit.


Get your copy now. 

Rose By Aziza Kibibi

Mary Baseman, Reader

Aziza is  truly an inspiration to many who are afraid to speak.

 Aziza Kibibi prepares her readers to deal with sexual taboo, secrets, lies and incest in this literary awakening that provides a sweet, clear caviar of truth in the snare of man’s demons. On Unashamed: a life tainted

Multimedia Journalism

MM Journalism


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Evil Lives Here on ID Channel

Evil Lives Here on ID Channel

Aziza Kibibi on Evil Lives Here, Season 5 episode 11, "One of His Women".

Advocacy day on Capitol Hill

Advocacy day on Capitol Hill

With Congressman Payne and the National Network to End Domestic Violence

Book signing

Book signing

Soroptimist International invited me to speak and sign books at their annual fundraiser. 2015

The Family

The Family

Taken by Akintola Hanif, this photo was part of the article written in Hycide Magazine.

NJ Attorney General's event

NJ Attorney General's event

Speaking out for victims in Trenton New Jersey.

Good Day New York: Street Talk

Good Day New York: Street Talk

My children and I appearing on Fox 5. 2015

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