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True Blue-berries

I took these photos in commemoration of my new favorite snack: frozen blueberries! And even though these are fresh, when put in the freezer for a few hours, they become gorgeous little morsels of frozen night heaven. Popping them into my mouth and crunching them is so satisfying, I forget that they are good for me.

Packed with antioxidants and fiber, I eat cup after cup of frozen wild blueberries until my lips turn the color of violet crayons; and my body feels all the better for it.

Then I swipe on some clear lipgloss and you'd think I was wearing an expensive long lasting cosmetic. 

Don't get me wrong, fresh blueberries are great too. I may not benefit from the pretty lip stain when they're fresh, but that's ok. When I toss them into my Belgium waffle mix, you can identify the berries individually, instead of turning the whole batch of mix the color of grape soda. But when they're frozen, you can throw them in a drink for chilling without dilution.  

True blueberries. How glorious thou are. 

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