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4 Month’s After Hurricane Maria. My trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico.

I was given the opportunity to visit and assist in the recovery efforts of Hurricane Maria in Vieques, Puerto Rico. William Paterson University asked me and eight other students to help deliver food to those with few resources and document the entire experience. 

Some of my classmates from William Paterson University interviewing someone from the island on the aftermath of the hurricane. 

Soon after the hurricane was over, people used the a wooden board put up outside of a local hotel to communicate about where to find resources, updates on supplies and whereabouts of missing loved ones. 

As we flew into San Juan, the structures with roof damage from the hurricane can be seen covered tarps from FEMA.

Despite everything Vieques lost to Maria, the strength of the people is unwavering. 

This lovely lady is 94 years old and has 14 children. One of her daughters helped to keep her safe during the hurricane. She still doesn’t have electricity. 

Partnering with Chefs For Puerto Rico and World Central Kitchen we delivered food to this family. 

As my first experience out of the United States, my time on the island was life changing. In spite of the lack of electricity, the inconsistencies in forms of communication and struggles associated with rebuilding what was suddenly destroyed, the spirit of the people and the strength of their spirit was beautiful and inspiring.   

Check back soon for more on how my organization Precious Little Ladies Inc. was involved in this trip.  

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